About Us

Stay Informative is an online portal that is specially created to help the students by offering multiple choice questions and preparatory assessments. It also caters the individuals who are seeking jobs in government or any other private organizations by providing them with multiple-choice questions and preliminary assessments. We have a large collection of the most common and frequently asked MCQs that are carefully scrapped from the previous assessments that are already been taken.

Stay Informative showed its success within one year by becoming known on YouTube. We hit nearly 13k subscribers in just a year. Stay Informative is not only working on one dimension but also trying to cover the other dimensions. We have another channel named ” Psycho Informative” where you find the exclusive content all about “Psychology”.

Psycho Informative provides an opportunity to the Psychology students in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other countries to learn psychology from basic to the advanced level with a bundle of free of cost lectures. All that are easy to understand and super easy to remember.

On our website, you can find a lot of helpful lectures, notes, and books related to the subject of Psychology. We aim to cover Psychology from all the aspects by providing free of cost material.

Our Mission:

  • Provide Free Learning Opportunities
  • Educate the Masses
  • Help the Students to Prepare Themselves for Jobs
  • Provide Helping Material
  • Provide Counselling and Career Help
  • Help Psychology Students in Pakistan
  • Providing free-of-cost books and notes

We try to cover as many possible aspects of each topic in order to provide a comprehensive knowledge. This platform is ideal for preparing for the competitive exams and especially Psychology. The multiple-choice questions are presented in a very clear and concise manner.

You are welcome to provide your opinion and suggestions for stayinformative.com in order to help us improve the site’s effectiveness and utility.

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