PPSC, FPSC Lecturership Psychology MCQ’s


10- Which of the following pairings is improper?


forensic psychology, Bingham

Münster: employee selection simulations
Hollingworth: study on caffeine

11- Which of the following wouldn’t be considered a current psychological trend?

heightened curiosity about the brain and behavior
returning to evolutionary theory
more practitioners becoming professionals

A growing disregard for the significance of genetic influence.

12- What likely happened if a dog slobbers to a 60 cps tone but not a 70 cps tone?


Unplanned recovery

simulated neurosis


13- Watson and Rayner looked into all of the following in the Little Albert study, with the exception of?
acquisition of fear

the extinction of fear

An all-encompassing terror

persistent apprehension (over time)

14- Jewish psychologists were stereotyped in the 1930s and the stereotype included all of the following categories with the exception of ___________

Overly clannish,

overly protective,

astute, and calculated


15- Which of the following pairings is improper?

Hull’s hypothesized-deductive method

Intervening variable in Skinner

Cognitive map by Tolman

Operational description of Bridgman

16-What shared traits did Hull and Tolman have?

Both of them disapproved of concentrating on molecular behavior.

They both looked into the effects of hypnosis.

Both of them incorporated supplementary variables into their systems.

They both agreed that learning must be reinforced in order for it to take place.

17- Which statement best encapsulates Skinner’s theories on operant conditioning?
When stimulus and reaction occur repeatedly,

they tend to trigger the same response.
The steady creation of cognitive maps leads to learning.

Positive behavior has a tendency to continue.

18- Repeated pairings of conditioned and unconditioned stimuli lead to learning.

According to Freud, the defensive mechanism used the most frequently is

Projections and reactions


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