What is Clinical Psychology Degree and its Scope?


Background of Clinical Psychology

The world gets more difficult as we learn more about the human mind and its potential. Without being aware of its goal, everyone is participating in this race. A millionaire is unsatisfied and unable to identify his true happiness, in contrast to a commoner who perceives happiness in the same way. Everyone in this mess is dealing with mental health difficulties.

Similarly, everyone’s life cycle is affected by a pandemic. The fact that so many of them found this enjoyable and engaged in creative activities while also losing many of their loved ones reveals another questionable mental condition.

Stats To Consider

Psychology is a major medical area that addresses all of the mental health concerns that people encounter in their daily lives under one roof. Situations like losing a job or a beloved one can also cause melancholy, separation anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social isolation, among other mental illnesses.

Mental health problems affect 13% of people worldwide. The World Health Organization states that one of the main factors contributing to disability is depression. Among those aged 15 to 29, suicide is the second-leading cause of death. As much as two decades earlier than expected people with serious mental illnesses pass away from curable medical problems.

What is psychology?

The study of human behaviors and mental processes is referred to as psychology. It has given mental health special attention. In the past ten years, it has become clear that a person’s mental stability is just as crucial as their physical health if they want to engage in physical activity.

How can a psychologist assist you?

Clinical psychologists consult with clients to pinpoint emotional, mental, and behavioral issues they are experiencing. Any present or possible problems will be diagnosed by the psychologist through observation, interviews, and testing. After that, they create a treatment plan with the client that is tailored to their needs. Psychologists regularly assess the client’s progress to make sure that the plan of action is meeting their needs and to make adjustments as needed.

Psychology is concerned with mental illnesses and therapies for them. Psychologists are concerned with the welfare of people. They affect both the patient’s environment and life in a good way.

Scope of Psychology in Pakistan

Psychology is present everywhere in life, yet it is an art that not everyone is skilled at using to play with the various hues of existence. Therefore, psychology is crucial in all spheres of life.

As more individuals in Pakistan become aware of mental illnesses and problems, the field of psychology is expanding daily. In Pakistan, social media plays a significant role in the promotion of psychology. Nowadays, psychology is in high demand across all human-related fields. Consolers are now present at educational institutions to assist students looking for solutions to their academic challenges.

What Is Clinical Psychology Degree?

A clinical Psychology degree is basically a specialized branch of the main subject that is Psychology. This branch mainly deals with the assessment, identification, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders.

Why You Should Consider It?

Here’s the reason why you should consider the clinical psychology degree. If you have a degree in clinical psychology, you may work in a variety of sectors, such as medicine, research, writing, sports psychology, teaching in special schools, and becoming a professor in psychology departments at universities, among other things. Therefore, clinical psychology has a promising future in Pakistan, and you should not disregard it.

Clinical Psychology

Industries Where This Field Is In Demand

These are a few areas where psychology is growing daily.

Clinical Psychology 

Clinical psychology is a subfield of psychology that offers ongoing, all-encompassing mental and behavioral health services to people and their families, as well as advice to organizations and communities, training, teaching, and supervision, and evidence-based practice.

Importance of Clinical Psychology Degree in Business Sector

Today, psychology is becoming increasingly popular in the business world as a way to understand the psychology of clients and consumers. In the business world, psychology is used to assist companies promote their products.

Drug Treatment Facility

In Pakistan’s numerous rehabilitation facilities, where psychologists are treating drug users, psychologists now play a crucial role.

Working in Government Sector and Role of Clinical Psychology Degree

To educate people about mental health concerns and to keep their bodies and brains active, the Pakistani government is also working with psychologists. Because drug abuse is on the rise in Pakistan and is extremely difficult for sufferers to overcome, Therefore, psychologists are essential to creating a drug-free Pakistan. Individuals are increasingly aware that psychologists are available to all people, not only those who are schizophrenic and experiencing small problems.

Family Comforters

There are family counselors available to help with family problems that lead to a variety of mental health problems in family members. The practice of family consulting is growing in popularity in psychology.

Clinical Psychologist Salary

As you are aware, the field of clinical psychology is expanding daily in Pakistan, which is why there is a growing need for psychologists. The typical income for a clinical psychologist, according to payscale, ranges from Rs 900,000 to Rs 100,000. A skilled psychologist receives Rs 200,000 in accordance with their expertise and qualifications. Skills and experience will always affect pay. Additionally, if you work for a reputable company, you will be paid handsomely and receive incentives. They can also start their own clinics and make a solid living in addition to working a job.

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychology Degree Subjects In Pakistan

According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), BSc and MSc clinical psychology students in Pakistan must complete the following optional and required courses. The institute’s syllabus allows for changes to these topics.

  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Therapeutic Techniques in NLP Hypnosis
  • Therapeutic Approaches with Children
  • NLP in Psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Approaches with Adults
  • Adult Psycho-Diagnostic Assessments
  • Adulthood Psychopathology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Child Psych diagnostic Assessments
  • Research Designs and Related Statistical Analysis
  • Clinical Case Report
  • School Psychology
  • Health Psychology

What Are the Required Skills in Psychology?

First and foremost, the psychologist has the ability to draw a patient in such a way that they feel comfortable confiding in and trusting you with their difficulties. Therefore, you might learn about the issues the patient is trying to hide from him and his family. In order for the patient to be honest with you and express his thoughts and issues, the psychologist must be a good listener. In psychology, building patient trust is a significant accomplishment.

The following is a list of abilities that any psychologist should possess:

  • Self Confidence
  • Integrity
  • Verbal Communication
  • Research
  • Attractiveness
  • Numeracy
  • Time Management
  • Science Proficiency
  • Positive Attitude
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Drive and Resilience
  • Written Communication
  • Patience
  • Self-Awareness


As a clinical psychologist, you can enter into diverse fields. In Pakistan, we can join public hospitals, start our own private clinic, or join public centers like the Drugs & Rehabilitation Centres, Autism Resource Centres, Armed & Navy Forces, Police, Jails, FIA, and other such agencies. The scope of this subject is rapidly increasing in Pakistan and all across the globe due to the ever-growing demand for mental health issues and especially due to the reason, people started focussing on personality development.

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